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Activate Windows 10 screensaver – this is how it works!

How you can customize your Windows 10 screen saver and what you should keep in mind when setting it, you will learn below.

Windows 10 Screensaver

Screen savers used to be a protection for old CRT monitors, so that no damage could occur to the screen during longer work breaks. Today, this concern is unfounded. The screen saver serves more as entertainment and protection from prying eyes. Colorful images or 3D animations are especially popular. How to enable and disable your Windows 10 screensaver, we will show you in this article.

Windows 10 screen saver – What’s behind it?

With the tube screens from the 80s and 90s, the screensaver had a real job to do. During long periods of inactivity, it could happen that so-called “ghost images” were burned into the screen. These were a pale version of the previously displayed image.

With today’s monitors, there is no need to worry about “burn-in”. Today, the screensaver serves as a lock screen or colorful diversion for a screen break. It also fulfills the function of a “lock”, because without the Windows password, the screen will not be unlocked again.

When it comes to the Windows 10 screensaver, images in 3D optics are especially popular, but the colorful aquariums are also popular. If you prefer a classic look, you can also choose a simple clock as the display. Live images are a new trend. These are taken by a public live cam and alternate between the day/night rhythm.

The choice of screensaver settings is really wide and easy to customize. You can learn everything you need to know about the topic in our simple instructions.

Activate Windows 10 screensaver

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Activating the Windows 10 screensaver is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open settings

    Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner and then on the cogwheel. You can also use the key combination [Windows] + [ i ].Einstellungen von Windows 10 öffnen

  2. Select “Personalization”

    Select the “Personalization” item in the view.Punkt Personalisierung anklicken

  3. Choose “Lock screen”

    Next, go to the “Lock Screen” section on the left.Windows 10 Bildschirmschoner Einstellungen öffnen

  4. Select “Screensaver settings”

    Click the “Screensaver settings” option at the very bottom. A new window will open.Dialog für Windows 10 Bildschirmschoner öffnen

  5. Choose the screensaver you want

    You can now select your desired image under “Screensaver”. If you want to change it, you can do so in the settings. You can also set the waiting time and the activation time.Windows 10 Bildschirmschoner aussuchen

  6. Save selection

    Save your settings with “Ok”.

Set Windows 10 screensaver

You want to set details for your Windows 10 screensaver? It’s easy if you follow these instructions:

  1. Open the settings in the lower left corner of the Start menu. Alternatively you can use the key combination [Windows] + [ i ].
  2. Go to “Personalization” and then to “Lock screen”.
  3. At the bottom of the screen you will find the screensaver settings.
  4. Click on “(None)” in the new window and then select the screensaver you want. You can try out the screensaver with the “Preview”. You don’t have to use an image, you can also create an individual 3D text.
  5. Once you have selected your screensaver, you can set a waiting time. This determines after how many minutes the screensaver starts. Once you have done everything, confirm with “Ok”.
  6. If you want the screensaver to stop only when the Windows password is entered, you have to check “Logon page on reactivation”.
  7. Confirm all entries with “Ok”.
Windows 10 Bildschirmschoner einstellen

Set screensaver by shortcut

If you often make changes to your Windows 10 screensaver, a shortcut on the desktop is very handy. You can create it easily like this:

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  1. Select a free space on your desktop and right-click with the mouse.
  2. First click on “New” and then on “Shortcut”.
  3. For the “Location of the element” enter the entry “control desk.cpl,,@screensaver” and confirm with “Next”.
  4. You can give the shortcut a name like “Open screensaver settings”.
  5. Then click on “Finish”.
Desktopverknüpfung für Bildschirmschoner-Einstellungen erstellen

Disable Windows 10 screensaver

Don’t feel like using your screensaver anymore? Here’s how you can disable your Windows 10 screensaver.

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  1. Open Windows Settings or use the key combination [Windows] + [ i ].
  2. Again, go to the “Lock screen” via “Personalization”.
  3. Then select “Screensaver settings”.
  4. In the new “Screensaver” window, click on the “(None)” entry and then on “Ok”.
Windows 10 Bildschirmschoner deaktivieren

Our conclusion

The Windows 10 screensaver can consist of pre-installed images, your own vacation photos, 3D animations or live images. Besides the pretty look, it also protects your PC from unauthorized access. Activating and deactivating as well as various settings are done in no time. If you still have questions about the topic, let us know in the comments. Avatar

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