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Convert PDF to Word Mac: How to do it for free!

Converting a PDF to Word on Mac makes sense if you want to edit the file. In this article you will learn how to do that.

Convert PDF to Word Mac

To edit a PDF document in a useful way, it is best to convert it to a Word file. Converting PDF to Word on Mac is possible with various programs. If you have a simple text PDF, solutions like Google Docs or the Automator utility are perfectly adequate. However, if the file is complex and also consists of many images, software such as Adobe Acrobat or PDFelement is a good choice.

Convert PDF to Word Mac

There are several ways to convert PDF to Word on Mac. Here we show you how to do it with a professional program.

Convert PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat

The Adobe Acrobat Pro program is a complete package and allows you to create and edit PDFs. All fonts and layout options are preserved. The mobile version also allows you to convert PDF documents to Word files on the go. With these steps you can convert PDF to Word:

  1. Open the PDF file.
  2. Then select “Export PDF file” in the right sidebar under Tools.
  3. For the export format select Microsoft Word and then more precisely “Word Document”
  4. Click on Export.
  5. Give your file a name and save it in the desired location.
PDF in Word umwandeln Mac

The PDF file is now saved as a Word file to a location of your choice. You can then easily open it in Microsoft Word or another writing program.

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Convert PDF to Word Mac free

How to convert PDF to Word on Mac for free, we explain here in simple steps. For the services of Google Docs and Online2PDF you need an existing internet connection.

Convert PDF to Word with Automator

Automator is a utility on your Mac that can convert PDF to Word. Tasks like renaming or moving many files at once are among its functions. However, the program also extracts text from PDF files to Microsoft Word. This text can then be edited in any editor. Here’s how you go about converting PDF to Word on Mac:

  1. Go to your “Programs” folder and select “Automator”.
  2. Click on “Workflow” and confirm with Enter.
  3. In the left column, select “Files and Folders”.
  4. In the second column, select “Ask for Finder items” and drag it to the right pane. It says “Move actions or files here to create your workflow”.
  5. Then select “PDFs” on the left and pick the “Extract PDF Text” action.
  6. Drag this action to the right under “Ask for Finder Objects”.
  7. Select the “Formatted Text (RTF)” option.
  8. Decide where you want to place the file with the extracted text.
  9. Save your work history via “File” > “Save …” and select “Program” as file format.
  10. Then open the new Automator program. Then click on the PDF file from which you want to extract the text.
Automator nutzen, um ein PDF in Word umzuwandeln

Convert PDF to Word with Google Docs

In the browser-based word processor Google Docs, a PDF can also be converted into Word. For this, the PDF files do not have to be downloaded to the computer beforehand. Below you’ll find instructions on how to set up Google Drive to ingest PDFs and turn them into Word documents.

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  1. In Google Drive, click the gear in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.
  2. Select the “General” tab and click the “Convert Files” button.
  3. Find the PDF document you want and right-click on it.
  4. Click on “Open with” and then select Google Docs.
  5. A new Google Doc window will open. Click on “Download” in the top menu bar and select Microsoft Word.
Google Docs nutzen, um PDFs umzuwandeln

With Google Drive, converting PDF to Word on Mac is very fast. However, if your PDF file contains many images, it is better to switch to a more comprehensive tool.

By the way, you can also create a PDF for free on your Mac.

Convert to Word with PDFelement

The PDFelement program is an interesting alternative for Adobe Acrobat. It supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS operating systems. To convert PDF to Word on Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Download the free program from the Internet.
  2. Drag and drop the desired PDF file into the main window of PDFelement. Alternatively, you can use the “Open file” button.
  3. After the file is opened, choose File > Export to > Word. The file should then be renamed. Once you are done with the changes, click “Save”.
PDF in Word umwandeln Mac mit PDFelement

Convert PDF to Word with Online2PDF

Another way to convert a PDF to Word is to use an online converter. “Online2PDF” is such a free online converter. With it, converting PDF to Word on Mac is very easy and Excel, PowerPoint or JPG files can also be converted. No more than 100 MB can be uploaded per file wandelt PDFs in Word um am Mac

Our conclusion

Converting PDF to Word on Mac works with a few different programs and applications. From simple utilities like Automator to a professional editor like Adobe Acrobat and various online solutions, you have many options. It basically just depends on how complex the PDF file is that needs to be converted. Want to learn more about this topic? Let us know in the comments. Avatar

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