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Apple Watch Cellular advantages – Is the expensive model worth it?

Apple Watch Cellular advantages are obvious. But is it worth buying the more expensive version? We will get to the bottom of this question here.

Apple Watch Cellular Advantages

The Apple Watch Cellular advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Although the model is a lot more expensive, it offers numerous features like making calls, sending messages, and streaming music and listening to podcasts with its LTE Internet connection. Users who are outdoors a lot and do not always want to take their iPhone with them will definitely benefit from the cellular version. Apple Watch Cellular or not – you can find all the answers to this question here.

Apple Watch Cellular advantages

If you have an Apple Watch with Cellular, you can use it to make calls without your iPhone. The variant with GPS only does not offer this possibility.

The Apple Watch Cellular has an integrated eSIM chip– a digital SIM card. This enables access to the mobile network. However, you have to have a mobile carrier that supports the use of an eSIM to use the full features of the Apple Watch Cellular.

The Apple Watch Cellular advantages are numerous and this model already offers a lot more comfort. Here is a short overview of the advantages of the Cellular Watch:

  • With the Apple Watch Cellular, you can make calls without your iPhone, but you can also write messages or stream your favorite music
  • If you regularly go outside for sports, then you can listen to music and get help in case of emergency without having your iPhone with you.
  • You can also use your Apple Watch Cellular for shopping. The Bring! Shopping List and Apple Pay are two apps that combine well. You can check off products on the shopping list directly on the Watch and then use Apple Pay to pay at the checkout – all without an iPhone.
Apple Watch with eSIM

Apple Watch Cellular or not?

As you can see, the Apple Watch with Cellular has some advantages. But do you really need them? We want to give you an overview of when you really benefit from an Apple Watch Cellular. Choose it when you…

  • you’re on the road a lot, but don’t always want to take your phone with you.
  • you do a lot of outdoor sports, like jogging, and don’t want to worry about your phone.
  • you are happy with less battery life, because the Cellular model uses an LTE internet connection that consumes a lot of battery (you can turn this off, but then of course the point of the Cellular model is gone).
  • you like to stream music and podcasts on the go and don’t always want to use your phone for that
  • you use Family Setup and want to set up an Apple Watch for kids and older relatives.
  • your carrier supports Apple Cellular.
  • you’re a dog owner and like to listen to some music or a good podcast while walking your four-legged friend and don’t want to lug around your heavy iPhone.

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Apple Watch Cellular SIM Card

If you’ve decided to get an Apple Watch with Cellular, then we’ll show you what else you need to consider. First, we’ll show you what exactly this eSIM even is and how to set it up on the Apple Watch. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult.

What is an eSIM card?

One of the Apple Watch Cellular benefits is that there’s no need to insert a regular SIM card. An eSIM is already integrated into your device. This eliminates the hassle of inserting the SIM card. Since the eSIM comes with all the cellular features, instead of a cell phone, you only need a Watch or other device to use applications like making calls or sending messages.

Please note, however, that using the eSIM on your Apple Watch may result in additional charges from your wireless carrier. The eSIM card allows the Apple Watch to use only the domestic cellular network. Unfortunately, roaming during a stay abroad does not work.

Set up Apple Watch Cellular SIM card

Do you want to know how to set up the Apple Watch Cellular SIM card? Then we’ll show you here in a few simple steps. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the “Watch” app on your iPhone.
  2. Then select the “Cellular” item.
  3. Tap on “Configure cellular”.
  4. Now you have to scan the QR code that you received from your mobile provider. Alternatively, you can also tap on “Enter information manually” and enter the data of your eSIM there. Then you have to tap on “Next”.
  5. You will now see your provider under “Mobile”. It may take a while until your eSIM is activated. If you see an “i” symbol next to the name of the provider, the process is finished and you have successfully set up your eSIM.

That’s it, that’s how quickly your Apple Watch Cellular is or would be set up, depending on the model. Have you already decided whether it should be the model or whether you want to go for the model without Cellular?

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Our conclusion

The Apple Watch Cellular benefits allow users to stay connected to the Internet at all times, even without an iPhone. Whether it’s calls, messages or streaming music, the Apple Watch Cellular can take over the iPhone’s most important functions thanks to LTE Internet. One thing to note, however, is that you need an eSIM for the Watch and not every mobile carrier supports it. Use our comments section if you want to know more. Avatar

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