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Is the Apple Watch waterproof or not?

Is the Apple Watch waterproof or only protected against splashing water? We'll take a closer look together in this article.

Apple Watch waterproof or not

The first question you ask yourself when running in the rain or swimming: Is the Apple Watch waterproof or possibly only protected against splashing water? After all, you didn’t exactly pay a little money for the gadget – especially if you’ve opted for the new Series 6. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what protection the Watch actually has.

Using the Apple Watch in the rain

First of all, we wonder if the watch is actually protected against splashing water, because it should be. After all, we want to be outside when it rains and not take the Apple Watch off every time it does.

Apple Watch waterproof

Apple guarantees overall that the watch is water resistant. The first-generation Apple Watch is protected according to IEC standard 60529, which means that the device can be submerged under water for a short time (about 30 minutes) – at least to a water depth of 1 meter.

The situation is different for the newer generations: The Apple Watch from generation 2 are protected according to ISO standard 22810:2010 and can thus be used up to 50 meters under water. But beware: the leather straps, as well as milanaise and link straps do not have this protection and are not water-repellent.

So you can calmly use your Apple Watch in the rain. This is already no problem from the first generation of the watch.

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Apple Watch: Waterproof even when swimming, diving or showering?

This question cannot be answered across the board, because Apple advises against immersing it in water, especially for the first generation. There is another recommendation for the second generation of the Apple Watch: According to the manufacturer, it can be used in shallow water, e.g. when swimming in the pool (fresh water or chlorinated water) or in seawater (salt water).

However, we do not recommend scuba diving or water skiing, since the high speed of water skiing or the water depth of scuba diving can have a negative impact on the water resistance of the watch

Apple Watch while swimming

However, showering with the Apple Watch is not a problem from generation 2, since the water from the shower is more like a rain shower. More problematic, on the other hand, are the soaps and shampoos that can potentially damage the watch’s membranes. These protect the inner technology from contact with water.

So if the device comes into contact with soap or shampoo, then the watch should be cleaned as quickly as possible with clear water and then dried.

Is the watch waterproof without a water barrier?

You read on Apple that the watch is waterproof – but then what is the water barrier for? If you go into the Apple Watch’s control panel, you’ll spot a drop. If you click this, the watch can no longer be operated. If you want to leave the mode, you turn the Digital Crown on the side of the watch so that a pulsating sound gradually blows possible water out of the speaker. But do you have to activate the function every time the watch comes into contact with water?

No, you don’t need to. For example, if it rains a bit or water splashes onto the watch when you wash your hands, that’s no problem. The water barrier has another reason.

When you’re swimming or diving in the water, it can happen that unwanted inputs happen on the display due to the water. So, the function has two purposes: On the one hand, it is a kind of button lock for your Apple Watch, and on the other hand, excess water is blown out of the speaker after turning the Digital Crown.

Our recommendation is that you always activate this function when you deliberately expose the watch to water, i.e. when showering, swimming or diving. If you only go for a walk outside in the rain, however, we consider the function superfluous. If you want to know more, take a look at Apple’s official statements.

Apple Watch: waterproof forever?

Now, if you follow the above advice, you shouldn’t have a problem with your Apple Watch. Still, the Apple Watch is not waterproof forever. Over time, the protection can diminish. According to the manufacturer, it is not possible to seal the watch afterwards.

The decline in waterproofing is accelerated by the Apple Watch coming into contact with chemicals (e.g. soaps, solvents, or the like) or being damaged by an impact (e.g. by dropping the watch). Furthermore, wearing it in a sauna or steam bath is not conducive, as the temperature fluctuations can affect the membranes.

Apple Watch has crack in the display: Is it still waterproof now?

Many wonder whether their Apple Watch is still waterproof if it has a crack in the display. Apple does not make any statement about this in the official documents. We would recommend that you rather avoid water contact. Depending on how deep the crack is, water can get to the sensitive electronics.

On the other hand, you could consider having the display of the Apple Watch replaced. Apple offers the option to have the display replaced for a fee. If you have taken out the paid AppleCare+ warranty, your share will be reduced.

What to do if the watch gets wet?

If you come from running or have worn the watch in water, we recommend you dry it with a soft cloth. Be sure not to use heat to dry the watch. The temperature differences have a negative effect on the membranes.

Dry Apple Watch when wet

If water has penetrated deeper into the speaker, try to let the watch dry overnight. Often, the water evaporates and it is fully usable again afterwards.

As you can see, the Apple Watch is well protected in everyday use if you keep a few things in mind. So if you don’t have an Apple Watch yet, you’ll find it here:

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Our conclusion

The Apple Watch is basically waterproof according to the manufacturer, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Newer smartwatches up to the Apple Watch 6 version are waterproof and can even be used up to 50 meters under water. The first generation, on the other hand, can only be exposed to water for a short time. However, you should be aware that only a thin membrane protects the sensitive technology against water penetration. Using soaps in the shower or cleaning agents can cause the membrane to leak over time.

Our recommendation to you: If you want to run or go for a walk in the rain, it’s no problem for the Apple Watch. According to the manufacturer, swimming is also not a problem, but some users subsequently report problems when starting the watch. However, these then usually received a replacement device from Apple. Do you have any questions or tips on the subject? Then we would be happy about your comment. Avatar

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