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Skype als Beta verfügbar

Das beliebte Tool Skype ist ab sofort in Version verfügbar. Mit dem Programm Skype ist es möglich über Internet kostenlos zu telefonieren, sofern die Gegenseite auch Skype verwendet. Nötig ist dabei nur ein Headset bzw. ein Mikrofon und Lautsprecher.


  • change: new Estonian, Russian, Polish, Korean, Norwegian, German, Finnish and Swedish translations
  • change: connectivity improvements
  • change: user presence detection improvements
  • change: chat synchronization improvements
  • change: improved installer compression
  • change: reduced Skype v1.1 memory consumption
  • change: reduced Skype v1.1 processor consumption
  • change: disabled options set to invisible
  • change: newest unread chats displayed first on start tab
  • bugfix: chat window could be opened for SkypeOut Contacts
  • bugfix: faster Contacts list updates
  • bugfix: options – "division by zero" error
  • bugfix: send Contacts – if "send to" field ends with semicolon
  • bugfix: tabheader hot-line did not work if some tabs were hidden
  • bugfix: authorization request put to focus now
  • bugfix: green button resumes if call is held
  • bugfix: setting proxy to automatic does not clear host/port values
  • bugfix: chat: when copy-pasting text some characters at end were sometimes dropped
  • bugfix: chat: "messages older than x hours" banner was not updated
  • bugfix: topic URL included closing quote-sign
  • bugfix: duplicate usernames in Contacts list problem (introduced in
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