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Hi, I am Tobias.

I believe in a better future when all people can freely develop their creativity and technology is not an obstacle to them doing so. That's why we help them overcome the technical challenges with ease by providing easy-to-understand, high-quality tutorials and guides, as well as a familiar environment. This is an ideal environment for placing your products and services.

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Our conditions for cooperation

Labeling as advertising and no do-follow links

We stand for transparency, honesty and integrity towards our readers and partners. That's why we label advertising as such and mark links with "sponsored" according to Google guidelines.

Topic that is relevant for our readers

For cooperations it is important to us that your products and services offer a noticeable added value for our readers. We reject content about online casinos or similar without comment.

Articles are created exclusively by us

We have a standard for new articles that are published every day. The same standard also applies to a cooperation between us and is not negotiable. Therefore we create all content for our cooperation partners ourselves.

Cooperation Models

Product Placement

We place your product or service in an existing article if it adds value in the context of the article.

Content Creation

We create a unique seo- and conversion-optimized article and place your product or service.

YouTube Sponsor

Become a sponsor of an upcoming YouTube video. We will create a 30 second clip and share your message with our viewers.

What about our readers?

(Daten von Mai 2022)

45% of readers are under 34 years of age

Just under half of our readers are under 34, which is significantly younger than our competitors.

18% are between 35 and 44, 16% between 45 and 54, and 20% over 55.

Readers balanced across

Unlike our competitors, half of our 100,000 monthly readers are female and half male. On Pinterest, however, we mainly reach women with over 120,000 monthly pin impressions.

Readers with high interaction in articles

It is very important to us that our statements can be trusted and our readers can feel the difference. Therefore, the conversion on our articles is very high and is sometimes more than 20 %.

Our partners also appreciate the cooperation

With Bitdefender, we educated on how easy it is to fall victim to a hacker attack and how to successfully protect yourself against it.

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In collaboration with Setapp, we have produced a series of articles that illustrate the software rental model for various use cases.

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With Surfshark, we have shown how VPN connections provide more security in an increasingly digital world and how simply Surfshark can help.

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I am happy to hear from you 👋

If you agree with our terms and conditions, then I am very happy to hear from you. Please use our form so that we can get all the necessary information from you. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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