Merge PDF Windows 10

Merge PDF Windows 10: How to do it for free!

Whether Adobe, Smallpdf or pdf24 – the Internet is teeming with PDF editors, almost all of which charge a fee after the second use at the latest. Read this easy-to-understand article to find out how to merge PDFs on Windows 10 completely free of charge.

Windows 10 Change username

Change Windows 10 username: How it works!

Creating a user account in Windows 10 is done within a few clicks. But what if you made a mistake and want to change your user name afterwards? Depending on the account type, there are different options. Here you can find out how.


Black screen: Windows 10 does not start

Help, a black screen: Windows 10 no longer starts and I can do nothing! – Don’t panic! We have put together some possible solutions for you here.

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